[Malte] Michele Parascandolo ou Parascandalo
Hello ?? all,

Hello Bernard,

After six years of you researching on your
ancestor which included several trips. I’m all confused with all the question
marks (??)and what they intend to mean. (I intend to answer the questions (??)or
what they may mean).

Very bad grammar I must say.

After six years of
research on my ancestor and several trips ?? (Ok 2 or more trips/not sure if you went at

Malta to find out more,
I wanted ?? (Not sure what you wanted to find out).

you correct information
on the site Geneanum about Marcello CASSAR to help you in your research: not?? (Don’t correct
the dates or years below/none of the dated below?)

Sep 7, 1604 ?? Rabat
(Matrix)- Gozo by Mariano CASSAR and Margherita husband?? with BORG
Margherita, Sept. 15, 1621 ?? (Checking on the dates and if it was Margherita’s

Sorry all very confusing. I give up. (Cannot
help anyone with writing like this).

Cospicua (Malta)
husband?? with PSAILA Maria, April 3, 1655 ?? Rabat (Matrix)- Gozo d ?? c ?? d
?? in 1661 It is accurate ?? on the act of the first marriage, that it comes
from Gozo, while on the second, it is precised ?? that he is a widower.

I checked in the indexes
also, his marriage ?? Cospicua was well ?? transmitted ?? Rabat o ?? he was

Salvatore says Ravain
husband ?? with Catherina Tonna can not be so his parents, when he comes from
Malta and not Gozo, and that the birth certificate indicates Mariano CASSAR and

For those interested, I
go now ?? extensive research on Mariano CASSARWink

Have a nice week end ?? all,

Good ?? you,

Bertrand CASSAR


Vincent Xuereb
Hello Dear Vincent,

The problem isn't that I don't know even so my name and I doubt
everything, but it rely on a difference between two standard. My
courriel was send in a format that is not compatible for the UTF-8.
So when I send a special caract??re, it doesn't know how to respond

You will find the original text attached to this mail, we can
discuss on this passionate subject if you want.

Have a nice day and thank you for your time,

Best regards,


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