[Malte] Cachia family born in Cefalonia
Hello, apologies for jumping on this thread. However, I read with interest that your ancestors came from Cefalonia.

My 2 x Grt Grandfather was apparently born in Cefalonia in about 1844 and I have struggled to find any information on records. My Family name is Muscat and my Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were all born in Alexandria Egypt. On a record I have from the Swiss consulate it states that my 2X Grt Grandfather was born in Cefalonia.

Do you know if there is any way to find out if he was born there. I know in most places you need to know the village he came from. Unfortunately, I don't have any information.

Thank you

Clare Muscat
Hello Clare

My grandfather was born in Malta. On his birth certificate, it stated his mother who was a Cachia, was born in Cefalonia. I started researching more on the Cachia family but it has been difficult.

From what we have learned, we think the family was Maltese but went to live in Greece for several years, probably for the father to work. They had 4 children while there, and then moved back to Malta.

Josyanne was able to find the baptismal certificates of the 4 children born in Cefalonia. They were listed in Cospicua. Apparently that is the centralized parish for those born abroad. So because they were Maltese born in Greece, their baptisms were listed in Cospicua parish.

You can maybe try looking here?



You have to register to log in to the Malta Diocese Archives. You can then browse the catalogues and if you find what you are looking for, you can order it for a fee.

I would start with this one since you think your relative was born in Cefalonia around 1844:

A. P. Cospicua Bapt XV 1838-1847

Cospicua Parish Baptisms: 1838 -1847

It is quite a tedious process as you have to zoom in to view each page and try to read the handwriting!

So now I finally found the MARRIAGE certificate of Salvatore Cachia and Elena Ciantar! It was on the Malta Diocese Archives under Cospicua, just like the baptisms.

I was really hoping to find out their parents names and their birth dates, but I find it hard to read. Does anyone know if I can order the actual document or is this all they would have?

I believe the date is June 12, 1841 and it was at the St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Argostoli, Cephalonia (just like the baptisms)

Any help translating the rest would be appreciated.

Les parents de Salvatore sont Michele et Francesca FENECH mariés le 06/02/1813 à Cospicua

Lui fils du décédé Salvatore Signore et de ZAMMIT Maria

Elle fille de Michele FENECH et Rosa ABELA
I think that for Elena CIANTAR she is the D° of Angelo and Paola BEZZINA ?? married in 1815 Cospicua

tou will have to check the bapt in cospicua

Have you noticed that on of the witness is Damanio BEZZINA

Parents CIANTAR Elena

Angelo et Paola ou Rosa BEZZINA

Mais pas trouvé pour eux leur mariage, je regarde si je trouve le baptême d’Elena


as for the children they are registered in ZEITUN 1817 28 of dec certainly more in the next film 5161

Thank you! How could you read this? This is amazing to find roots further back! so those are names of Salvatores parents and grandparents? what about Elena? I know her father was Angelo but cannot read the mother's name, or is it not there?
Thank you Josyanne! how do you know the dates? IS this information online? Do you know if I can order certificates from the diocese?

what are these names? the grandparents of Elena?

will cospicua


So if in Cospicua parish, does that meant they lived in Greece too, or not necessarily?

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