[Malte] Cachia family born in Cefalonia
Hello. I have not been here for awhile and just came back. I was looking in the Photos and found the birth notice of my great grandmother Carmela Cachia born in Cefalonia! In the same folder, I also found a birth notice of Carmela's brother and sister!! This is exciting news. I know nothing more of the family until now!

Josyanne, was it you who found these and uploaded them? Thank you so much!

Is anyone able to translate the handwriting? It is difficult to decipher. I would especially like to know the first names of the brother and sister, as they seem to be cut off.

These are the 3 photos:

1852 cachia de cefalonia 059

1853 cachia fils de Salv et Elena en CEFALONI 251

1847 cefaloni 1847 422

yes i did found them on the bapt records on line for Cospicua

angela Francesca daughter of Salvatore KAKIA and Elena daughter of fu Angelo CIANTAR


carmela Maddalena

and Giovanni

all the 3 from the same family the dates are easy to read

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I now have more information for my search!

So I see Cospicua is a city in Malta. Does that mean, even though they were born in Greece, they originally were from Cospicua? Or they lived there when they returned?

AND I now know the maiden name of the mother, Elena! Her father was Angelo CIANTAR?

Exciting to find out more after all these years!

Josyanne, I believe I found a 4th child of Salvatore and Elena in the photos you posted!

1847 cefaloni 1847 422

It looks like maybe a son named Michele? The name is cut off again. Do you have this information?

Am I able to get the originals of these certificates?

yes you are right !!! I didnot noticed it 'Michele'

do you know where and when the parents got married ?
yes that is right she is Elena daugter of Angelo CIANTAR

I am not sure that the family is from cospicua

as in France there was an 'official' centralized parish for the one bornt abroad, in France we have Nantes

before it was the Consultes based in each country the sent in France to the Ministry of foreign affairs ....
I do not know when and where they got married. I presume it was in Malta, but maybe it was in Greece? Do you know where I would look to find out?
no idea at all !!!

i did notice while in Malta boats loaded with migrants going to greece , so many of them I could not write down the names - several pages in each boat

if you go to the San spirito Archives in Notabile you can find the boats records

if I remember well Mark CARUANA did a transcription of the list of passeports / health certificates

you should contact him

Do you know if this is the same for marriage ceritificates as baptismal certificates?

If they were married abroad (in Greece)would it listed in Cospicua as well?


'..I am not sure that the family is from cospicua

as in France there was an 'official' centralized parish for the one born abroad .. '
I Imagine yes ? but not sure

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