[Malte] Accuracy of Names on Baptismal Records

When visiting the Baptismal pages on Geneanum for several ancestors, I compiled the source, file and page numbers that were to be found in the Church Registries.  I sent that information to the church in Naxxar, Malta so that I could get copies of the actual pages.  I found that there were discrepancies in how the names are written.  

The names that were found on the Geneanum site were not recorded like what the actual Church Register showed.  For example, Gio Maria Bonavia was actually recorded as Joannes Maria Carolus Joseph Natalis Bonavia on the film showing the Church Register.  

In another case Giovanna Anna Giuseppa Bonavia is found on Geneanum however the name Joanna Anna Maria Bonavia is what shows on the Church Register.  

It's confusing and I want to be certain that I document the correct information.  Why are the names so different?  

Thank you!

Even if at first sight, the name seems differents, there are exactly the same.

The register are written in latin. So the name are written in latin.
We transcribe the name in italian

So :
- Joannes Maria become Gio(vanni) Maria
- Joseph Natalis become Giuseppe Natale
- Joanna Anna Maria become Giovanna Anna Maria (not Giuseppa, here there is maybe a mistake).


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