[Malte] Help with Notarial Acts / Early records.
Dear All,

I would like to request some assistance / advice regarding the notarial acts from the experts on here.

To explain:

From the Church records:

In 1658, there is a marriage between Giovanni Debono and Nataliza Cauchi, in Naxxar.  It says Giovanni is the son of Marino Debono and Maria.

In 1632, one can then find a marriage between Marino Debono (from Naxxar) and Maria Mallia, in Qormi.  Marino's parents are not listed, and this marriage record is from the Adami collection.

One can then find, in 1635, the birth of Giovanni Debono in Naxxar, son of Marino and Maria.

For a long time I assumed there is no record of Marino's parents. However, if one searches the Notarial Database, it's possible to find the marriage contract between Giovanni Debono and Nataliza Cauchi in 1658, and it says Giovanni is the son of Marino Debono, son of Matteo Debono of Naxxar.

I have tried to find this marriage contract myself, but I am having great difficulty. The marriage contracts in Adami seem very hard to navigate. I found one mention of this marriage, but it did not include 'Matteo'.

So could someone tell me, is it possible to find the Notarial Act/Marriage Contract referred to in the database? (Numbers 12558, 15982).

Alternatively, if someone could help in general with any information concerning these persons, I would be very grateful.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the databases, they really are helpful and I hope they will remain great public legacy for many years to come.



Bonjour à tous,

Je voudrais demander de l'aide / des conseils concernant les actes notariés aux experts ici.


D'après les registres de l'Église :

En 1658, il y a un mariage entre Giovanni Debono et Nataliza Cauchi, à Naxxar. Il dit que Giovanni est le fils de Marino Debono et Maria.

En 1632, on peut alors trouver un mariage entre Marino Debono (de Naxxar) et Maria Mallia, à Qormi. Les parents de Marino ne sont pas répertoriés et cet acte de mariage provient de la collection Adami.

On peut alors trouver, en 1635, la naissance de Giovanni Debono à Naxxar, fils de Marino et Maria.

Pendant longtemps, j'ai supposé qu'il n'y avait aucune trace des parents de Marino. Cependant, si l'on recherche dans la base de données notariale, il est possible de trouver le contrat de mariage entre Giovanni Debono et Nataliza Cauchi en 1658, et il est dit que Giovanni est le fils de Marino Debono, fils de Matteo Debono de Naxxar.

J'ai essayé de trouver ce contrat de mariage moi-même, mais j'ai beaucoup de difficulté. Les contrats de mariage à l'Adami semblent très difficiles à naviguer. J'ai trouvé une mention de ce mariage, mais elle n'incluait pas 'Matteo'.

Quelqu'un pourrait-il donc me dire s'il est possible de trouver l'acte notarié/contrat de mariage auquel il est fait référence dans la base de données ? (Numéros 12558, 15982).

Alternativement, si quelqu'un pouvait aider en général avec des informations concernant ces personnes, je serais très reconnaissant.

Enfin, je voudrais remercier tous ceux qui ont contribué aux bases de données, ils sont vraiment utiles et j'espère qu'ils resteront un excellent héritage public pendant de nombreuses années à venir.


Very clear message.

The marriage contract came from ADAMI (The numbering is an internal numbering).
The information son of Matteo is an addition from one of us.

I found on Geneanet many descendants of this Marino, some think his parents are Matteo DEBONO x Imperia CAFOR, for others it's Matteo DEBONO x Grazia ATTARD.
And for one, it's just Matteo (https://gw.geneanet.org/ganderge?n=debon...marino+mro).

I think all data of potential brothers and sisters of Marino need to be check.
Wills, donations could be very usefull if nephews (for example are cited).

From what I saw, it's seems to have some errors.

I will check the data
After some search, i found no link between Marino DEBONO and Matteo DEBONO.

At this period there are two (or more) Matteo DEBONO.
I made two trees for them :
- https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person...s/GX1L-D81
- https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person...s/GC2D-ZMQ
On Internet, the two Matteo has been merged because the two married a "Grazia", but after search, we can found that one is married to Grazia ATTARD and the other one to Grazia BORG.
And wills and donations helps to found for each child, the mother.

But neither of these Matteo seems to be linked to Marino.

I clean up our database, removing all "deductions" about "Marino son of Matteo"

So I think like you, the tree of Marino is a dead end.


Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.

I feel reassured that you've also concluded that this might be a dead end.

I seem to recall 2-3 years ago I also found some conflicting records on Geneanet, for which I could find no sources. I attributed it to some 'wishful' thinking.

I now think I can discard Matteo. Thanks for clarifying this--I'm very grateful for your time.
Now things are slightly clearer, I think I will try to pursue one further avenue, before closing the matter:

There is a notarial marriage contract between a Marino Debono (of Naxxar) and Caterina Ciantar in 1616.  IF(!) this was an earlier marriage, (before 1632 x Maria Mallia), then this gives the groom's father as Giulio.

There is a testament from Giulio Debono (Naxxar) in 1607, naming sons Damiano and Mario. I've seen Marino at least once written as Mario.

There is no testament from Marino, but there is a 'donation' from Marino Debono (son of Giulio) and 'Maria' in 1666. I would have expected Marino to have died by then, but maybe his wife Maria survived. This act mentions 4 children, which correctly match 4 out of 8 children of Marino + Maria. Perhaps the others were married or not in need.

Quite a lot of 'ifs', but my next task will be to try to view these notarial acts.


Yes I saw this Marino but my focus was lost on Matteo instead !

I started a tree :
You can complete it

Interesting that Giovanni => Marino => Giulio, all are from Naxxar.
Just with the town, the hypothesis is much convincing than Matteo (Attard) or Matteo (Zebbug).

Yes Mario or Marino is the same.

The will is here

We have to check all record on each child

For now, I have

A Marino DEBONO (A), married to Caterina CIANTAR, son of Giulio and Margarita : https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person...s/GVHS-RL6
A Marino DEBONO (B), married to Maria, son of Giulio : https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person...s/GVHV-BBG

With the donation and the marriage of his daughters Caterina and Grazia, we can link all the children together to the same Marino DEBONO (B)

The marriage of Marino DEBONO and Maria MALLIA contents a sentence that I can't decipher between "mro Marino" and "Casale Naxxar"

Marino DEBONO (B) starts to have child with Maria around 1633 (Margarita was baptized the 14th september 1633), so the marriage in 1632 and the town origin seems a very good match.
So I clearly thinks that Marino DEBONO (B) was married to Maria MALLIA.

I found also all the baptisms of the Marino DEBONO (B) children

Now, we have to determine if Marino DEBONO (B) was the widow of Caterina CIANTAR.
For that, Caterina need to die before 1632. So between 1616 and 1632.
Perfect match
The 1622-10-16, the death of Caterina CIANTAR, wife of Marino DEBONO, at the age of 20 years
She died very young, maybe just after the birth of Gregorio DEBONO (surely their only child)

So Marino DEBONO (A) could remarried after that with Maria and became Marino DEBONO (B).

In all case, your Giovanni DEBONO is the son of Marino son of Giulio.
Never been a Matteo involved

I will be difficult to have a hard proof for Marino A = Marino B.
A census listing Marino with Gregorio, and his new children, will be perfect.
But the matching census are not online.
As we see there is a Marino A son of Giulio x Margarita and a Marino B son of Giulio.

We try to determine if Marino A = Marino B, we could also determine if Giulio A = Giulio B (and so Marino A = Marino B).

All lived in Naxxar, so the "bible" is The People of the North.
We can find in it that "Don Giuliano DEBONO" was a very important person in 1600 in Naxxar (constable). And his wife was Margarita !

In the census of 1601, we have :
- Don Giuliano DEBONO, husband of Margarita, and father of Alessandro, Damiano, Veronica and Mario
This is clearly the census matching Marino A !

But we have also :
- Giuliano DEBONO, husband of Antonina, and father of Nardo, Ambrosio, Marietta and Aloisio
So there was two Giuliano in Naxxar in 1601.

But after some extensive search, the second Giuliano is a mistake ! He is called "Caili / Cola", so it's Nicola not Giuliano.

So, it seems that there was only one Giulio at this period in Naxxar
Fascinating -- thank you again for your great assistance on this, it's truly appreciated.

I too had been totally distracted by Matteo, and hadn't yet focused on Giulio.

Not only have you accelerated my own search, but I you have gone far beyond what I could have achieved.

On the marriage between Marino DEBONO and Maria MALLIA. 

I also have difficulty deciphering those words--it requires a sharp eye even to identify "Mro Marino" at first glance.
However, I would have expected in that place either parents, or the surname.  Could the first words be "di Bono"?  I cannot see any other mention of the surname in this image.  The 4th word after "Marino" appears to begin with "M". 
If this Marino (B) was the widower (Marino A), then I would have looked for "vid/viduus" somewhere, although I don't know how common that is on marriage records. (I have mainly found vidua/viduus on death records.)

An important question from me, is where did you retrieve this record from?

I had this marriage from Adami, which for Qormi in this period seemed more of a 'listing' than the original record:

(with the same Giacobo + Agostina).

You have provided a lot of revelations. I wasn't aware of the 1601 census--is this information also from The People of the North?

I agree that the Don Giuliano must be the same Giulio whose testament in 1607 names Mario, and who is the parent of Marino A.

I think the missing link could be Marino's death--which if A=B then could mention both wives. I have tried finding Marino's death (assumed in Naxxar), but no luck so far. I will try to continue this search. I will also revisit the early Baptisms.

I'm inclined to think Marino A = Marino B, based on the assumptions that (i) he almost certainly would have remarried, and (ii) the mention of the son "Mario" on Giulio/Margarita's testament and census.I know Mario/Marino can be used interchangeably, for example, recalling Giovanni's marriage in 1658, I have one record from Adami, and one from the Church, and one has Mario, the other Marino:

Although I would still seek hard proof!

Fascinating that there were two Giulianos in Naxxar at that time.

I will endeavor to add to your trees-I have a few Baptisms and Deaths for some of the DEBONO descendants of Marino.

Thank you again--it was a pleasure reading your posts.

After some extensive search, the second Giuliano is a mistake ! He is called "Caili / Cola", so it's Nicola not Giuliano.
So, it seems that there was only one Giulio at this period in Naxxar.

Yes the census of 1601 is in The People Of the North book.

Yes, you decipher correctly "DI BONO" at this period, it was the spelling of DEBONO in Naxxar registry.
It missing the two next word, I read "del *** detto Casal Naxxar", so I think that it's just another of Naxxar "The *** alias town Naxxar".

At this period, the records are scarce and Giuliano BORG, the parish priest, had some special usage of the record. Sometimes he wouldn't record the act if the church donation was not big enough, ... so many events was not finally recorded.

I have clearly no doubt about the two Marino are the same.

Yes the death of Marino could help but I doubt that there will be that kind of info on it
Bonjour à tous,

I try to follow your intense exchanges, but it is difficult to find my way ...
A french saying says : "One little picture says more than a long speech!"

So, if "VELIN A" and "jd-87 B" might draw the corresponding DEBONO Family Tree, we all will be glad.


J'essaie de suivre vos échanges intenses, mais il est difficile de s'y retrouver ...
Un proverbe français dit : "Un petit dessin vaut mieux qu'un long discours !".

Alors, si "VELIN A" et "jd-87 B" pouvaient dessiner l'arbre généalogique DEBONO correspondant, nous en serions tous heureux.

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