[Malte] Maria Carmela MIFSUD & Emanuel MIFSUD

I'm hoping if anyone be able to help me to find two of my ancestors which I am having trouble getting any information. I've been working on my family tree of my mother's side. My grandfather was born in Australia but my great and 2x great grandparents were born in Malta and they migrated to Australia. The two ancestors I'm focusing on are my great grandmother, Carmela Mifsud (on birth certificate Maria Carmela Mifsud) who married to my great grandfather Antonio Saliba, and my 2x great grandfather, Emmanuele Mifsud (Carmela's father). I have small information on both of them but it's not enough to get more information on them on any website such as Ancestry.com and other family tree websites. 
These information I know of Maria-Carmela Mifsud - I have both of her marriage and birth certificates that I ordered from Malta Public Registry. She was born 8th October 1907 in Rabat and married to Antonio Saliba on 28th February 1929 in Floriana, Malta. Three months they after married, they migrated to Australia. Carmela's parents are Emmanuele Mifsud and Antonia Mifsud (names from Carmela's birth certificate). I was told that Emmanuele was born in Malta and grew up in France and he committed suicided. I can't find any of information of him but I have found document of war that he went and according to Carmela's birth certificate that Emmanuele was vice or deputy corporal in the Royal Maltese Artillery.

Is there any information or guide that may be able to help to find more informations on Carmela or Emmanuele Mifsud.

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A little tree to be clearer (I add some deduction dates) :
- Emmanuele MIFSUD (b. ~ 1870-1880 in Malta) x Antonia MIFSUD (b. ~ 1875-1885) (m. ~ 1900-1907)
-- Maria Carmela MIFSUD (b. 1907 in Rabat) x Antonio SALIBA (m. 1929 in Floriana)

Do you have more information on Emmanuele or Antonia on birth/marriage certificate of Carmela ? such as a birth town ?
Do you know in which country Emmanuele and Antonia wedding took place ?
Do you have the passports of who came ?
Do you have death certificate of Emmanuele or Antonia ?

Some history of the Royal Malta Artillery : http://www.maltaramc.com/regmltgar/rymaltartillery.html


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