[Malte] Advice on how to proceed without maiden names
Dear all,

I have a question on how to proceed with research when there is limited information surrounding female ancestors. 

I am researching my maternal line and have reached a dead end. 

In 1781, Catherina Borg married Lorenzo Perotta. I am interested in finding more about her parents (specifically her mother) but all the records show are that their names were Giovanni and Maria from Birkirkara.

Trying to find this particular Giovanni Borg x Maria ? In Birkirkara has been basically impossible..

Any advice on how to proceed with such limited information?

Thank you in advance!

Yes Giovanni x Maria is the most common people in Malta.

You have already a parish, now you have to set a range date
You can search for all siblings of Caterina. The marriages will provide a better estimation of the marriage date of the parents.
With the baptism it's "easier" because very often the marriage take place the same year (or one year before) the first born.
Census or notary records could be a big help, as they can link all the family.

In your case the better match is Borg Giovanni x BUSUTTIL Maria in 1756.
Thank you very much for your help and advice!!

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