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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can help me decipher what this death record says. If I am correct, the first letter on a death record indicates town of death. I am wondering what town the following record says:

Please attach an example to help
Hi, sorry I accidentally did not attach an example. Here is the one I am talking about:

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It's quite difficult to support you with this small miniature.
What we read :
6 - 13 - - Gppe for Giuseppe - (son of q) for died - Michele - Maria Anna Bartolo
On the left part of the page you might have written the year.
If you want more help, you have to give us more details.
for example, from where did you pick up this information ?

Best investigations and regards

Jean-Marie Vincent
Hi, thanks for the help. I believe the first symbol represents the city Giuseppe passed away in. This record is from the Guljana Masini collection. I am wondering which city the first symbol represents.

The "C" means Caccia = Xaghra.

On 17-01-2021, I have posted the following :
Bonjour à tous,

Merci JohnnyZero pour ce lien. Il s'agit bien de Zebbug-Gozo.

Les pages que vous consultez font partie de "la Collection Guljana Masini - Vol 07- Baptêmes". Ce Volume concerne uniquement les Paroisses de Gozo.

Sur les pages "Baptêmes - MANGION ", vous noterez les abréviations suivantes pour les Paroisses de Gozo :

M = La Matrice
G = Gharb
R = Rabat - Saint-Georges
C = Cacchia - Xaghra
Z = Zebbug-Gozo
N = Nadur

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