[Malte] Teresa SCERRI, Daniel KENNEDY and family
    I am looking for life history information about my great great grandparents Teresa Scerri (died before 1889), the Maltese partner of an Irishman Daniel Kennedy (~1843-1923) who rose over several decades of service to be the Chief Warder of Corradino Military Prison, Valletta. A funeral service for Daniel was held at Casa San Giuseppe, Ghajnsielem in February 1923 (see his "santi" attached); place of burial unknown. I believe Teresa Scerri had three children with Daniel, including Margarita, a shopkeeper in Paola, who married Henry Baker (Royal Engineers) on Christmas Day 1889. The official records do not include any other details of these people. I would particularly like to pay my respects at the places of burial for Teresa, Daniel and Margarita, and possibly meet living descendants in Malta of Teresa Scerri.
I suggest to see the big cemetery in Paola. I found the tomb of my great grand father who died in 1877 in Valletta.
I think there is no other cemetery for the 19th and 20th centuries, except military.
Sincerely yours. Brigitte Fabre Vittori
Thank you so much, Brigitte ! My brother and elderly mum probably did visit this cemetery, but following your message I will try more meticulously, just in case. The Chief Warder, Daniel Kennedy, was quasi-military and might have been buried in Fort Chambray, or another place where he would have been as inconspicuous as possible. Teresa Scerri is another matter. Worldwide the name Scerri has maximum density on Malta, but it is not a common name. I thought of writing to all people with that surname. Kind regards, John Clemens (like almost everyone else, confined to home for 4 weeks to quell Covid-19 spread in NZ).

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