[Malte] Gozo, Xicluna jean 1818 and Xicluna jean father
Good morning,  I appeal to your help , my grandmother Marie-Jeanne Scicluna aged 94, looking for the birth certificate of her great-grandfather Jean Scicluna born in Malta on November 7, 1818 and died in Algeria in Blida on January 12, 1892 , he is the son of jean Scicluna and Marie Xuereb, born in GOZO and probably died in Malta GOZO

I miss the birth certificate of John Scicluna born in 1818 probably in GOZO.

I’m also missing his parents' marriage certificate, maybe between 1815 ans 1818? , De Maria Xuereb his mother and jean Scicluna his father, and also his birth certificate, probably between 1785 and 1805, probably in GOZO

Important thing: the letter of the beginning of the name was spelled differently in French Algerie , Scicluna? , so xicluna or cicluna or schembri or sciberras ? Maybe is the correct spelling at the time in Malta.

Jean Scicluna was both shepherd’s Chevrier this is what is noted in the marriage certificate with Liberata Formosa seamstress, also born in Malta that I own.

My grandmother and I will be very happy with the assets. You will understand that by her quite advanced age she would like to have them quickly if you find them and if possible

Thank you in advance ans your possibiliy for research.

Jean-Christophe Arrès, grandson of Marie-Jeanne Scicluna. 

Phone number Émilie ans jean Christophe: 0033 605176118  


Les parents de FORMOSA Liberata se sont mariés à La Vallette Saint Paul le 02/02/809

Rosario est le fils de Nicola et Rosa GALEA

Maria VELLA est la fille de Liberato et AZZOPARDI Rosa

Par contre il n’y a rien du tout sur GOZO, la famille SICLUNA/XICLUNA  pour les mariages et il n’y a rien

Rien non plus dans les baptêmes xicluna concernant Jean fils de Jean et de Maria XUEREB

Je continue a regarder si je trouve autre chose

Bonne soirée


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