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Aloisio (x in 1742) is the son of Domenico and anna

for his wife no name given just Rosa I suppose her to be an orphan from the hospital

they are said to be from Casal Balzan which is next to birkirkara

Domenico could be married in 1688 from Birkirkara (son of Biagio /blasco and grazia)and or 1709 from Balzan

both marriages but only one is the one ? difficult to know


Thanks for your answer, Josyanne.

I am afraid I was not perfectly explicit when I explained what I was looking for.

I am searching documents, and particularly marriage certificates, in order to ask for maltese nationality.

I already knew the ascendant you wrote me.

(Domenico got in fact four different marriages, with :

Anna VELLA (my ancestor)- But also : Maria VELLA - Lucrezia (called also Grazia)SPITERI - Evangelista ATTARD.)

If you know how could I get these documents, ( marriages certificates of :

1 - Filippo
BORG and Elisabetta SALIBA -

Celebrated on June 16th 1794 in Qormi - (Filippo :

born in ? - death : February 14th 1847)(Elisabetta :

born in 1773 ? - death : same date)

2 - Aloisio BORG and Rosa VELLA -

Celebrated on August 26th
1742 in the Collegiale of St Paul, La Valette

(Aloisio : born in 1715 ? - death : September
18th 1763 in Curmi Pinto)(Rosa : dates unknown)

that would be great.

Thanks again for your answer.

Best regards.

In order to get the certificate you will have to contact the parish and they will write out a certificate for you. I’m not sure how you would do this overseas as they’d have to post it to you, I’ve only seen it done in person

Paul Selwaypaulselway(at)gmail.com

Good evening Paul,

Thanks a lot for your advice.
I’ll try overseas.
The best way to know is to try, isn’it ?

Best regards.



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You can find each parishes phone number and email online. The offices are only open one morning and one evening each week so you can try ringing them during those times.I find they generally ignore emails as they are so busy. But the priest will write you out a ‘certificate’ that they sign and stamp. You may want to try sending a stamped self addressed envelope to the parish office with the information of your ancestors on, that may be the easiest way for them to reply.

Good luck and all the best,

Rachel Selway new Gatt
Good evening Rachel,

Woooow, thanks a lot for these

informations too, that’s really great.

Stephen really got an awesome inspiration the day he decided to create this group.

Thanks to you all. ????

Have a nice evening Rachel.

Best regards from SW of France.


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