[Malte] Notary records in geneanum
Write a message ...Hello everyone - I was recently told about your website and it has been a godsend and broken down quite a few family research barriers for me - so congratulations to all those who have set it up and contributed to it. I have been looking at the notary records and would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the abbreviations 'Her. Un.' and 'Her. Part' mean - usually followed by a name and I have seen it on many records in one or more of the 'note' columns.Also does a Testament entry mean that the first named person is dead or just that they have made a will?

Thanks in advance for your help


Her Uni means = Unerversalis inheritor

or Heritiers Part : particularis

it does not mean that the donator is dead

when he is dead it is written : division des biens : which give the name of the inhéritors, if you ask for the document at the notarial archives in malta there might be several pages giving the complete détails

Thank you Josyanne – that is very helpful.

Kind regards


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