[Malte] A listing of transcribed records by parish
Where can I find a record of the baptisms, births and deaths entered into geneanum.com by parish? The geneanum website lists how many baptismal/marriage/death records have been transcribed for each parish, but does not indicate which years have been transcribed for each parish, nor does it indicate if the transcription of all the parish's records is complete. This information would be particularly useful for tracking progress on the transcription of marriage records, since so many have already been transcribed. I'd like to identify which years have not yet been transcribed in the parishes I am researching, and then focus my research on those records in the diocesan archives.  Thanks!

if you click on the Marriages for ex - you select a parish and everything already entered will appear

then click on the dates so that they will follow for each year-

and you will see straight away which years are missing -


but since the parish registers are on line ...........obviously it has not yet been completely done

but you are right the listing on the first page of the site is unreadable............and not much useful

when we started, 75 persons helped to transcribe Adami, now there are about 3 of us are doing the parish registers

Thank you!

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