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There is a problem with Facebook groups in my view.In order to belong to a FB groups it is necessary to have a Facebook account. Logical no?

But it is not possible to have such an account for just one group so all member accounts are barraged by posts from other areas that Facebook thinks  may interest you.  In other words advertising because that is how Facebook makes its money.  

I have belonged to several groups on Facebook in the past and given up on the whole concept for that reason. Life is too short to spend too much time opening oysters if you are looking for a pearl.

Regards. Ed

Hi Ed,

I agree this was the case in the past and I deleted my account because of it, but this is no longer the case. You also have the option to go to your 'groups' and just look at the content there.

The only ads that I see pop up and they are rare, are things connected to posts that I have 'liked'.

You have a link to scroll through everything - posts that your friends have made, and posts made by the groups that you have joined.

Another link to only see the things that your friends have commented on or liked.

And another to go to your page where you can go to your groups and view posts.

You also have more options to filter.

If anyone has a better option - that would be good too, google also has options

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