[Malte] Re: Borg family from Curmi
Hello Rachel

If you look here you will find 16 children for that couple b° in Curmi starting from 1904


do you know more concerning the date of mariage ?

I also have 111 families BORG all concerning my uncle Calogero BORG most of them from Borkirkara



Thanks Josyanne,

I'll take a look at it, my main line, the Gatts were from Siggiewi and so the main line of Borgs are also from that parish back in the 1700s.

But it's always worth a look.

On another note.

I transcribed quite a few years from the Adami collection of marriages a few years ago and have them in a google document.

I'll have to work out how to access it again, but if you are interested in adding them to the geneanum website or having someone check the entries.

I started right at the end in the 1500,s and worked my way forward.



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