[Malte] Problems with Scerri or Xerri on baptisms database
can anyone suggest why I cannot access all the data for baptisms of the name Xerri?I have tried different browsers and for the most part only get the entries for Porto salvo.

Attached, I hope is a screenshot of my results.

Regards. Ed

Hi Ed.

Can’t help you with an answer to your question, but my Great Grand mother was a scerri.  Just maybe we might share some info from the same era.

Regards…Dave Lambert
No problems for me

pas de problème pour moi tout s ouvre

You will remember that you had the same result before.  However that does not changevthevfact that for this part of the database it does not work from here.  I have tried with every browser and all of my devices, which are numerous, always with the same result.  Is this some French server blocking the Brits ?

Regards. Ed
Hi Ed,I am in Australia and I have no problems. If I search starting with Sce as per your printout I get 73 results; If I search with Xer I get 390 results.

Funny enough the bulk of these baptisms are in Qormi and Birkirkara and there are NONE in Porto Salvo!! The bulk of the one in your printout are also in Qormi bar 2 or 3. There are no Scerri/Xerri baptisms in Porto Salvo (at least none show in my results).


Your results rather prove my point that there is a problem with the database.

A search should pruduce the same results whereas you have got different ones to me.  I know that there are far more Xerri/Scerri baptisms on there, they are just not coming up, or have they been inadvertently deleted.

Josyanne, how many results do you get?

Cheers. Ed

as you know or not ? but the files concerning CURMI and BIRKIRKARA were given to someboy from this lits as excell files

all we had to do was just to integrate them

NO complete baptisms have been done yet - the ones on our site geneanum were personal researches shared , as for the BUTTIGIEG or the CAUCHI

I think that in a life time we will not have the time to do it ....next generation i hope will do it

Of course josyanne, I have been a member of this group for so long that the basic facts had slipped to the back of my mind.  I knew that the original database was based on adami.  BUT I had forgotten that adami had no baptisms. Mea culpa.  Therefore I was looking for something that was not there.  When tapping on those brick walls!Although I know when my great grandmother was born, where and when married and when she died. But I have not as yet found her baptism.

Regards. Ed

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