[Malte] Re: death certificate
As Josyanne has said it is difficult to find a death without knowing the parish.

However as your dates are after civil registration you can go to the certifikat site and order a death certificate.

you will notice that they ask for a date which of course you do not have, howver they will search the year before and the year after any date that you put it, in other words a three year search.

So you put in say 1885 and they will look at 1884/1885/1886 and if you have no luck, then you go back and put in a death date of 1887, and so on until you get your cert

tedious but it works.  It is probably just as tedious for the staff at the office.

Thanks Ed

Too bad they cannot just do one search for a 7 year span! And it seems you have to pay for the certificate ahead of time, whether they find it or not. I have already ordered a marriage certificate for her but have not received it yet. Can I assume it would be the same parish?


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