[Malte] Cachia family in 1884
Does anyone here have any relatives or information on the Cachia family? My grandfather's mother, Carmela Cachia was born in Cefalonia in 1854 but I guess the family moved to Malta at some point because my grandfather was born in Vittoriosa. Her father was Salvatore Cachia.

After emigrating to Canada my grandfather wrote to relatives in Malta up until about 1937. Apparently a John Fletcherbwas somehow related to the Cachia's and lived in Sliema at the time.

Any information you can share would be appreciated.
I have a Salvatore CACHIA married with Regina CASSAR

and a salvatore married to Joanna DE BATTISTA in Vittoriosa

are they yours ? several children bornt there

I'm also not sure if this is any help at all, but this website is
occasionally quite helpful:


On this page, about a quarter of the way down is a list of Cachia
women and the names of who they married. There is a Carmela Cachia
who married a Frederick Bracon in 1882.

Does it list the children and is one of them Carmela? All I know is that her father, Salvatore was dead at the time of my grandfathers birth in Vittoriosa in 1884.

It could also be that Salvatore was married in Greece and had children there and then moved to Malta. I have heard that was fairly common back then. (Greeks moving to Malta)
no Carmela

but Salvatore is not Greek - he went to Greece to find work i Suppose

while I was doing the passengers lists from Malta to .......... there were boats full of migrants going to Cefalonia I had no time to write them ...pages of it

do ask Mark CARUANA who has done all the passeports from Malta he is a member of this group

when you have the date I have a lot of passports i Will have a look

Anna CACHIA married 1876 to Peter HETCHER

Carmela CACHIA married 1882 to Frederick BRACON

Concetta CACHIA married 1875 to John McMILLAN

Concetta CACHIA married 1884 to Edward EVANS

Elizabeth CACHIA married 1887 to Charles BIGNALL

Maria CACHIA married 1863 to James WILLIAMS

Maria Carmela CACHIA married 1880 to James RICHARD

Teresa CACHIA married 1888 to Charles BIGNALL

Victoria CACHIA married 1866 to George STREETON
Did you find this list on that website? I had seen those names and I wondered if maybe BRACON was misspelled instead of BROWN because Carmela DID marry a Frederick Brown and the year 1882 seems about right since my grandfather was born 1884. Any other ideas how I would find the marriage certificate or verification of a date?
Thank you Nicky. Do you know who compiled this list and where the information came from?

That is interesting Josyanne! I always assumed the family was Greek since she was born there and I think I had read that Cachia is of Greek origin. When you say 'when you have a date' do you mean the date of the marriage? I know Carmela died when my grandfather was young but i do not have a date of her death either.
no the date of a passport

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