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I was wondering if I could find out if the sir name Mascina is Maltese and wondering if there is any record of Giovanni Mascina and wife Felicia falzon married 2/8/1874 they have a daughter Carmela Mascina married Giuseppe Portelli 28/4/1895
there are a few of them in Malta : marriages

1 29-09-1570 1570-09-29 MASCITA Paolo FARRUGIA Lauria Mariano Giovanna
Curmi Pinto

2 16-04-1571 1571-04-16 MASCITA Gregorio CAMILLERI Leonora Lorenzo dcd Cilia Curmi Pinto

3 07-01-1705 1705-01-07 MASCINA Antonino AGIUS Rosa Vittoriosa

4 21-09-1738 1738-09-21 MASCINA Guglielmo
BORG Cassandra Vittoriosa

5 02-08-1874 1874-08-02 MASCINA Giovanni FALZON Felicita Vittoriosa

do have a look at that site :


yours Josyanne
in Vittoriosa I have the death of Felicita d° of Gio Battista FALZON and Josepha (Giuseppa)MIFSUD (married 23 august 1837 vittoriosa)

27 march 1897 aged 40 - wife of Giovanni MASCINA

it seems that her husband died after her but my file goes up to 1920 and I donot have his death

Felicita Josepha Carmela bapt 9 oct 1856


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