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Dear sir/madam

I was just Wondering how do I find out If there was a family will handed down to Maria Rosaria Teresa Carmela

Portelli born 25/10/1900 in Vittoriosa from her father which is Giuseppe Portelli married Carmela Mascina 28/4/1895 in Vittoriosa ? Could u help me with this?

And one more question how do I find out how many children Maria Rosaria Teresa Carmela

Portelli born 25/10/1900 in Vittoriosa and her husband Emmanuel Zammit born approx 1891 his father is Felice Zammit born approx 1861 - 1871?

Kind regards,

Tanya Gook (née Magro)
Hello Tanya

first thing is to ask the goverment for the marriage certificate

you will get the answer in a few days , and pay by credit card

as for the children you need to write to the church of vittoriosa, everything is on a listing which I have but till 1877 about

there are the 'palme d or' = Golden award for their efficacity



''' Tanya nous demande des filiations sur les PORTELLI et ZAMMIT x en 1895 - je lui indique le site du gouvernement maltais pour demander l acte après je pourrais l 'aider avec mes relevés de vittoriosa
the only one I have born in Vittoriosa is :

Feliciano Josephe Sebastiano ZAMMIT son of Francesco and Modesta CASSAR

b 27 januarry 1854

a sister B in 1851

Thankyou for your quick reply . So the government holds all the (will s)when the father died ?

Thanks again


Tanya Gook née Magro
no - I was speaking concerning the marriage

as for the will you will have to ask the notarials archives in Valletta- but I doubt they will do it for you

if you want to know all the children send a mail to Vittoriosa church of San Lorenzo

Thanks for your help . Sorry about all the questions I'm researching everything

From Australia & I've never been to Malta.

Regards Tanya

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