[Malte] concerne les BORG X XUEREB de tunis

Frank a trouvé l expliquation pour l acte qu il recherchait sur la Tunisie

en fait les parents n ' étaient pas mariés donc 4 enfants connus nés à tunis puis à Balzan

SI vous vous avez qq chose concernant cette famille dont les enfants ont été légitimés par leur père alors que leur mère Maria était l'épouse de qq un d autre (inconnu)

merçi d avance de partager


Hi Josyanne,

Yes, it was me; and, we did communicate a few times regarding Annunziato Borg.

I have discovered a little more information since we were in contact, but not enough to advance my Borg family line.

I discovered that Annunziato Borg and Maria Xuereb never got married; however, they raised a family together in Tunisia, having at least four children over many years.

One of their children, Angelo, was born in Tunis, Tunisia in December of 1849. His older brother, Lorenzo Borg, was named the Godfather. Angelo's baptism record stated that his father, Annunziato, was free and had never been married; but, it also stated that his mother, Maria, was bound in marriage.

Within the same document, it also stated that Lorenzo was the 'legitimate' son of Annuziato.

On the surface, this last statement seems like a very big contradiction because how could Annunziato have never been married but at the same time, still have a 'legitimate' son? I'm not sure of the answer, but I have a theory.

It is possible that perhaps Annunziato Borg had been previously married to someone else and had Lorenzo, but sometime later he got his marriage annulled. This way, in the eyes of the Church,

Annunziato's first marriage never existed, making him free and never married, but yet his son, Lorenzo, was still considered 'legitimate'. This theory is possible based on Canon Law.

I'm in the process of searching for Lorenzo's baptism record. I hope that if I am able to find it, that the document will give me another clue as to if his father, Annunziato, ever married before, and if so, who his wife was.

This way I can search for their marriage and hopefully advance the Borg family tree based on their parents' names.

At this moment everything depends on if I can find Lorenzo's baptism record. Without this information, I will probably not be able to go any further. I am now waiting for the Church in Tunis to respond, and I'm hoping for good news. This is where everything stands as of now. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them. Until then, I'll keep you posted on any progress that I am able to make. Thank you!


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