[Malte] Paroisse et actes Baptème/Mariage
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For a little over a year I have been working on my paternal Maltese branch. 
My great grandmother BORG Carmela was born in Malta in 1846 died in 1915 in Metlaoui (Tunisia), she married my great grandfather CARNAZZA Jean (Giovanni) of Sicilian origin (Messina) born in Tripoli in 1839 and died in Tunis in 1897. The marriage was celebrated in Tripoli (Barbary). in 1862.
After various searches, notably on génanum Malte, I did not find a baptism certificate for Carmela, nor a marriage certificate for her parents Cajetani (Gaëtano) BORG and Rosa DARMANIN.
I also looked for the possible existence of a passport that allowed the crossing from Malta to Tripoli, but again my search was in vain.
Your thoughts or information are welcome.Smile

Can I ask how you found the marriage in Tripoli? My great grandmother had a brother who moved them and I am wondering if he married there as I cannot find any more info after finding his passport.

Good morning,

I was able to obtain documents by contacting a Religious Mission.
I therefore recommend that you write to: missioni@fratiminori.it


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