[Malte] Questions on legacies and marriage dowries

Interesting questions.

I can show an example.
In Acta Originalia of the Magna Curia (available online), we can found "Inventories".

The first one is the « Inventorio dell’Eredita di Arcangelo MELLIOPATI » in 1553.

In attachement, I add the 41 pages of the inventory.

.pdf   Inventory.pdf (Taille : 5.28 Mo / Téléchargements : 5)

On it, we have the list of the children, I read Francesco, Leonora, Clarissa, Michele. Only Michele is an adult.
So we can found few pages later, that Manfredo MELLIOPATI, brother of Arcangelo had been the tutors of the 3 teenagers.

After that, 36 pages listing the inventory.


By "legacies", you mean Beneficio / Gius Padronato ?

There is many transcriptions in the volumes 60 to 83 in Adami Collection
And Adami used them to create trees. 
I add an example : 
.pdf   Beneficio.pdf (Taille : 3.18 Mo / Téléchargements : 6)

So yes, I supposed they had to provide some proof like birth certificate, ...


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