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Dear Georges,

Thank you very much for your research. Indeed it is very interesting that Canzuh was still around in the early 1800s (very few names) but it has completely disappeared now. 

From the geneanum database, it seems that it was a very small family mainly living in Zabbar and Zejtun. It was listed in the militia list of Gudja in the 1400s. 

But I cannot understand the meaning of the name, it is strange. 

Dear Guido,

Wow that is very interesting! The last record I could find for the surname was in 1804 in Birgu and 1814 in Zurrieq. So the few remaining by then must have emigrated (your ancestors). 

My ancestor (and the last Canzuh in our family) from the 17th century was Evangelista Canzuh, daughter of Lorenzo and Mattiola from Zejtun. 

So you might have a Lorenzo and Mattiola Canzuh from Zejtun in your family tree? They both died in 1676, the same year Evangelista married.

I would love to read your theory on the origin of the surname!



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