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Hi Angela,

According to Godfrey WETTINGER, the surnames has disapperared before 1500. It's strange to find it again around 1700.

Godfrey states : "It is clear that there was a consistent effort during the later Middle Ages to move away
from the more obvious Arabic and Muslim names. Thus surnames like Muhammed, Xara,
CANZUHUC (whatever the latter meant), Razul, Cahalun, Duhamuri, Gibasal, Hafaride, Harabi,..."

So, I understand that the origin of CAZUNHUC is Arabic (See Attached PDF)


See also the page dedicated to "Maltese Surnames" by Olivier GALEA, still based on Godfrey WETTINGER (in French) :


We notice 3 CANZUHUC in 1419 (Gudja, Zebbug and Civitas)

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