[Malte] Cachia family born in Cefalonia
Hello. I have not been here for awhile and just came back. I was looking in the Photos and found the birth notice of my great grandmother Carmela Cachia born in Cefalonia! In the same folder, I also found a birth notice of Carmela's brother and sister!! This is exciting news. I know nothing more of the family until now!

Josyanne, was it you who found these and uploaded them? Thank you so much!

Is anyone able to translate the handwriting? It is difficult to decipher. I would especially like to know the first names of the brother and sister, as they seem to be cut off.

These are the 3 photos:

1852 cachia de cefalonia 059

1853 cachia fils de Salv et Elena en CEFALONI 251

1847 cefaloni 1847 422


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