[Malte] Notarial Acts - Famille: DEBONO, Numero:12531, Nom b: SERRA, Prenom b: Vincenzo

I am looking at the above record in the Notaires à Malte database. It is for the date 1590-05-20 and Type CM (which I assume is a contract of marriage).

Can I ask whether it is possible to obtain an image of the actual act, and if it can be explained easily, what reasons would there be for making such an act?

Thank you
there it is

most of the time people with a bit of money, have a marriage contract drawn then they have donations and then wills

Serra being a foreigner to Malta .... it is better to be careful than sorry ????

Thank you for the record, and so quick.

I was very excited to find this record today which not only tells us who Speranza was, but also confirms that Vincenso was 'Italian'.

Can you tell me if Romain implies 'from Italy' as we know it today, or more literally from Rome? I had thought that he might have been from Genoa. In fact, 3 years prior to this marriage, in 1587, a Vincenzo Genuisi/Genovese married Antonina Attard in Casal Attard. They do not appear to have had children and I guessed that Antonina may have died in childbirth and remarried to Speraza Debono (in 1590). But this gives rise to a conflict between the `name' Genuisi and the term Romain in the notarial acts.

Incidentally, I asked about the reasons behind these notarial contracts because there is a note in the Status Animari for Casal Attard 1722 which indicates that a descendent of Vincenzo, Gio Maria Serra was a slave which is even more difficult to understand now!

Thanks again

I have noted those 'slaves' in the status

you could be a slave for a certain period of time .;;;;for ex if you were indebted (is that the proper word ?? for owing money)

and you could be a slave if captured on a boat, while you waited for your family abroad to pay your price of freedom / liberty

or if you killed sommebody ....

or if you were a muslim ... or a jew

as for the names most of the time you took the name or your country of origin

my family was called FLAMINGO (flemish)but when he died he was named RISBE so I got the proper name

VENEZIANO are from Venice and so on

as for
you ROMANO ?? I donot know


Thank you for this explanation of the different types of slaves, and also for the Serra file (I am familiar with it already, as you previously sent it to Joyce Cully - we are both Serra/Buttigieg descendents).


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