[Malte] Bernardo Buttigieg bapt Qala 1830-03-25

I am looking at the above baptism record in geneanum which contains a note, 'Photo du registre de l'église'. Can anyone please tell me if it is possible to obtain a copy of that image of the church register?

Thank you
I cannot thing the act ????? it was given by a cousin BUTTIGIEG ... I will ask him

je n arrive pas à retrouver l acte ? un de nos BUTTIGIEG l a t il dans ses archives ?

merçi d'avance

I am going to receive them a cousin just told me is sending them

I am a descendent of a very elusive Bernardo Buttigieg from Gozo who married a Filomena (aka Josepha)Farrugia and resettled in Smyrna. So I will be very happy indeed to see this record. Thanks again.
well I received the data base concerning Jean Claude BUTTIGIEG but not in it

so I sent a message to Louis BUTTIGIEG, and am waiting

did you check with the passeports ?

i have a file concerning that family I am going to sent it

I am not sure when Bernardo Buttigieg was born but I believe his father was Joseph and I am sure he was from Gozo.

Incidentally, he was my great great grandfather.

Unfortunately there is plenty of information on his year of birth, and it is all conflicting. His death record suggested 1824. Passport applications for returning refugees in 1924 gave 1835 (a son)and 1839 (a grandson)but the others did not know. I aso have a specific date, 15 April 1846 - but I am not sure where this came from or its accuracy (there is a possibility of a transcription error).

So, in summary, I know that he was from Gozo and probably the son of Joseph and most likely born between 1824 and 1846 (it cannot be later since he had a son in 1865). But, on the plus side, it does appear as though the name Bernardo Buttigieg is quite rare.

I know that a baptismal record will not prove anything but it might offer some ideas for further research.

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