[Malte] Marriage Certificate received from Malta!
I am so excited! Today I received in the mail from Malta, the marriage certificate of my great grandparents! I ordered it only 9 days ago and paid 13 Euros.

Thank you so much to all of the people who put together the geneanum.com website. It was there that I was able to find the date of the wedding so that I could order it! I don't know how you find all the information but it must take hours of work to put it all together on this site to share. Thanks to all who are so helpful here in this group as well.

Now I just need to translate some of the wording as it seems to be in another language, maybe Italian?

Italian, of course !

Malta was part of the kingdom of sicily til the treaty of Paris wqs signed 30 may 1814 and italian was still the most spoken foreign language before WW1
si l'on peut vous aider à lire votre acte, veuillez
nous le transmettre par mail
I have received 3 certificates from Malta over the last couple of months and its a great feeling when they arrive as you know that you will uncover just a little bit more about your Maltese family of years gone by.  I t might only be the name of a witness or the profession of a parent of your great grandmother but whatever it is it is worth every penny.
With regards to the translation side, it shouldn't be too difficult if you use a translator such as the one on google and a bit of lateral thinking.  You can normally get a good idea of what it should mean.  I have also found that the people on here are very helpful when it comes to translating most things.  
Good luck with all your research and discoveries.

Kind regards...Dave
http://archives.maltadiocese. org/Home.aspx

reçu d australie il y a 5 minutes à testez sans modération

vous enregistrez ad / mail ect .........

vous recevez un mail dans la seconde pour vous dire que tout est ok

et vous recliquez sur le lien

puis vous retapez votre mot de passe et vous cliquez sur 'login'


puis vous cliquez sur 'browse
archives' (cad cherchez dans les archives)

ce qui vous affiche tout ce qui est disponible

je vais essayer de copier sur un fichier word ce qui est dispo

le cout est de 50 centimes d euros par page que vous voulez acheter ... ce qui vous les enregistre dans votre 'cart' = panier

et vous ne payez par paypal que à la fin

peut on les lire avant ???? auquel cas vous pouvez faire 'impression écran syst' le bouton sur votre ordi

et allez sur votre logiciel de lecture de photos (j utilise XnView' qui est gratuit

vous recliquez avec le bouton droit de la souris ce qui vous ouvre une petite fenetre qui vous dit 'coller en tant qu image'

et n oubliez pas de l enregistrer avant de la refermer ......

voici un

A P Attard: Bapt. 4 1679-1755 Attard Parish Baptisms






Attard Parish, Attard


1679 - 1755

Hi Josyanne

This is good news! I hope to find more information there about my family. Do you know why they would not list Vittoriosa under locations? I presume I can narrow down the search by location.

OK there are 2 areas where I cannot find translation. For my gg grandfathers, under the 'Profession, trade or other status' line they list:



Does anyone know what these 2 occupations are?

Also, another question. The ages listed on the marriage certificate are different than their ages listed on the baptismal certificate of their son. Which one would likely be more accurate? There is 4 years difference.

COULD YOU TELL US the names of the Families ? I have forgotten

1. Scritturale='Scribe' or could also mean 'bookkeeper (accounts)'

2. Maniscalco='Blacksmith'


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