[Malte] Marriage Record of Giuseppe (or Giorgio??) Borg and Teresa Axiach

The marriage of multiple ancestors in my tree have Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach as parents including;

Salvatore Borg x Concetta Cauchi (1837)
Vincenzo Borg x Paola Valletta (1840)
Maria Borg x Giuseppe Mifsud (1830)

Doing a search of Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach's marriage comes up with nothing, even with the infinite ways of spelling Axiach (Asciak, Asciach, Axach, Hasciak...)

I looked at all of Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach's childrens marriages and found around 7 sons and 4 daughters. The first son to be married was Tomaso, and first daughter to be married was Grazia. By the looks of all the childrens marriages, Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach seem to be from the Naxxar/Mosta area, and possibily eventually moving to Mellieha in the later 1800s or so. Their first son to be married, Tomaso however, was married in Curmi Pinto (1812)

Now, because a marriage record for Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach didn't show up, I searched for marriages of the names Borg and Axiach, and found a marriage record from Qormi (Curmi Pinto) in 1790 of Giorgio Borg x Teresa Axiach.

Searching Marriage records of parents listed as Giorgio Borg and Teresa Axiach come up with nothing and in the marriage record of Giorgio and Teresa Axiach, his father is listed as Tomaso and both mothers are Grazia. I was just wondering  if Giorgio Borg and Teresa Axiach is the marriage record of Giuseppe Borg and Teresa Axiach that is labelled on multiple marriage records as parents. Could Giorgio somehow be mistaken as Giuseppe or be of equivalence? Especially since the parents name in the record align with Giuseppe and Teresa's first children to be married, which aligns with naming customs. 

Hope this all makes sense

Thank you

You seemed to have done your homework ;-)
Yes it could be a plausible theory.
I don't know why but I saw many times "Giorgio" change to another firstname. Giorgio became Giulio, Giorgio became Giovanni, ...

First of all, when there is a doubt about a marriage, check the register.
In this case, we got the info from Adami.
So first check if Adami has Giorgio or Giuseppe :
It's written Giuseppe, not Giorgio !

But maybe, we (Geneanum) improve this specific marriage getting data directly from a certificate for example.

We now have also access to the marriages publication archive which give another primary sources : https://archives.church.mt/collection/fu...oniali-pm/
It's written Giuseppe, not Giorgio ! Again !

So we have Adami with Giuseppe, PM with Giuseppe, and Geneanum with Giorgio.
So it's clearly an error from us (I don't know where the mistake came from).

We will fix it.
In order to sum up : Yes, Giuseppe Borg x Teresa Axiach happen in 1790 in Qormi.

Ok thank you so much for this clarification. It was a speculation and tried to puzzle the pieces together. But yes your are very correct, Giorgio I have seen so many times change to Giovanni, Giulio and even Gregorio. One thing I learned with researching maltese ancestors is the spelling and even the names are so ambiguous they change like crazy haha. Thank you again

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