[Tunisie] Help with marriage in Tunisia - RUFINO - TERRANOVA
Hello, maybe someone can help me, I'm really lost.
I am looking for the marriage of Emilio Ruffino and Rosa Terranova (those are their names in Italian)
And I found in the database of this website the baptism of his first child but not the marriage.
At baptism their names are in French. Emilio Rufino and Rosine Terranova baptize their son Jean Rufino in Bizerte 1910.
I would like to get more information about that baptism because maybe it will help me find marriage.
Where should I ask for baptism?
Thanks!  Heart

Just ask for the certificate to chancellerietunisie(at)gmail.com

You will have more information on it.


There are very few RUFINOs in the Tunisia database. So, ask also for the marriage certificate of Ernest RUFINO and Thérèse MUCHETTI in Bizerte in 1903.

In the French-JO of 18-04-1948, you'll find the naturalization of Carmelo RUFINO (See attacment) :


Yes, there are few ruffinos and they are family.
Carmelo and Ernesto are Emilio Ruffino's brothers.
I saw the marriage of Ernesto Ruffino and Therese Muchetti in Bizerte and also the birth of their children. But nothing about Emilio Ruffino.

Now I am going to send an email as you indicated. Thank you very much for your work!

I notice that we face 2 versions of the Family Name : RUFINO and RUFFINO.
The 2 exist in Italy (See Attachment).


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