[Malte] Origin of Name Camelet
Can anyone tell me what nationality the name Camelet comes from. I have Catherine Camelet having a family in Mustapha and dying in El Affroun Algiers, but can find no information on her birth or marriage to Joseph Camilleri who I have no information on whatsoever.

Knowing what nationality she might have been might lead me to the next step in my family tree. On their daughter's marriage to John Farrugia, it states that her parents were living in Mustapha and his parents were living in Malta Island. Does this imply that that is where they actually lived or that they were born there??

Carrelet is of french nationality.
Thank you Renee, do you have any ideas who to contact to find information on the Camelet family.


hello jane
seems to be the family written CARRELET
he is a french officier lieutenant - from the 8th regiment of the Hussard
Marie Frederic Henri 26 ans
and Noemi Claire LANGLAIS 19 ans (NOT FOUND THE MARIAGE)
birth of a son in Mustapha 1877

2 marriages LANGLAIS 1850 MUSTAPHA ET 1875

do try LANGLOIS also
most of them from Mustapha

It is very difficult, Jane, because, they are, in
France, a lot of Carrelet family. To see on geneanet.org. I am
Hi there,

The Carrelet that you have found might have been a relative of my ancestor Catherine. My Catherine Camelet/Carrelet had a family with Joseph/Giuseppe Camilleri. Their first child being born in 1850, their 7th and last being born in 1863 in Mustapha. Catherine would have married about 1848 - near the same time as Marie Frederic Henri.

Catherine, widow of Joseph died 28th July 1882 in El Affroun, Blida, at the age of 55. Her son Joseph Laurent Camilleri died 20th Feb 1897 at the Military Hospital in Blida.

Is there a site to check on immigration into Algiers from other countries. Finding whether Joseph Camilleri sr. And Cathrine Camelet were born in Algiers or elsewhere would be ideal.


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