[Malte] Hospitals in Malta and Military Graves
Hi Everyone, Julie from Australia here, 

I found my Great Grandfather in Malta, he was wounded in action and was in a hospital in Malta, here are his details, my question is how do I find out which hospital he was in and where would I find his Grave? 

Alfred John Martin born 9 May 1876 Izmir Turkey

was a Private in The Great War between 1914-1918

Death 17th August 1915 died from tetanus

If anyone is able to help me I would be truly grateful, thank you.

Do you try https://fr.findagrave.com/ ?

(18-08-2022, 14:39)NSV a écrit : Hello,

Do you try https://fr.findagrave.com/?


Tank you for your reply. Yes I did try Find My Grave but nothing came up.
I thought if i could find out which hospital s were  in Malta in 1915 I might find his death record.
I thought hospital's would keep records. I have tried looking up cemeteries in Malta.
I have had no luck finding him yet. 
Is there other places I could look? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Do you try to ask a death certificate ?


The Australian War Memorial usually assits with locating records and War Graves.
There is also some useful information on https://www.cwgc.org/visit-us/visit-malta/
It is usually the Pieta cemetrery but it could be Mtarfa.

So far I have had no luck finding his grave and as I live in South Australia the identy malta website does not allow purchases from my state, there are quite a few people who live in South Australia who are unable to purchse certificates of their ancestors.

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