Hi, I have searched but can not find the parents of Angelo Caruana or Giuseppa Mamo

I have found nothing on Angelo Caruana

Is this Giuseppa Mamo? 

Francesca Giuseppa Fortunata Alessandra Mamo
born Feb 20 1816, Vittoriosa, GRAND PORT, Malta
Occupation Cigariere

Death Dec 10 1849, Alger, ALGERIA

Vincenzo Mamo ?-1845
Gratio Mamo (nee Buttigieg)

Brother Giovanni Mamo 1814-1871

Any help would be truly appreciated
Bonjour à tous,

Julie An :

The best is to ask an image of the marriage of "Angelo CARUANA with Giuseppa MAMO" to the Parish Vittoriosa.


Thus, you will know the parents and you will be able to cross-check the Giuseppa parent names with the act from ANOM-Algerie (attached)

The probability is high that Pepina got married twice : X1 with Ange/Angelo CARUANA and X2 with Joseph MUSCAT.

The death date of Angelo CARUANA (1842) is consistent with the baptism date of his daughter Maria Dolores CARUANA (1839). But all these assumptions have to be validated.

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Hi George,

On Ancestry there is a document for Maria Caruana marriage to James Martin 1866, it states Angelo is widowed as Pepina had died

I have written to the Malta Diocese

Thank you so much for your help it is appreciated

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