[Malte] Duplicate Baptism in Guljana Masini
Hi all,

For my 3xGG Michele SOLTANA, it appears that there is a duplicate baptism in the GM records. Usually, I would guess these were two different people as one was baptized in Xaghra and the other in Rabat, however on the right hand side of the Xaghra entry there is an R. 

Michele's family were from Xaghra, however I am wondering whether they could have temporarily moved to Rabat and given birth to him there, hence the two entries. I would like all of your opinions on this if you have the time.

Both the entries are recorded on 01/19/1847, son of Francesco and Vincenza. Please find them attached below.


Joshua Sultana

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Interesting case
I know many marriages with two records (one in the groom parish one in the bride parish) but with a different date.
Your 2 records happen the same day with same parents, weird coincidende.
The annotation seems to refer to the other line.
Maybe, like you say, they move to Rabat, so they wanted to record the parish in the crurent parish but also in their origin parish.

The original record can be much more precise, saying that the baptism was not celebrated here for example.

You need to ask for the parish record (they are not online).

Interestingly, all the other children from this marriage appear to be baptised in Xaghra. That is what makes me think that maybe they were temporarily residing in Rabat, but I guess we might never know for sure!

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