[Malte] Death dates not matching birth records?
Hi all,

I am posting this question to see if anyone has had a similar experience. I am researching my direct ancestor Francesco SOLTANA. The only viable baptismal record I have found of him is on 23/08/1803. However, a death record states he passed away in 1893 aged 73. If these are indeed the same person, it would mean he died aged 90 instead of 73.

So is this just an error on the writers behalf, or are they different people. He is listed as being baptised in Xewkija, and his death record has an X for Xewkija written just before his death date despite him dying in Rabat-Gozo.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Joshua Sultana.
pouvez vous nous joindre les documents ?
Attached below are the baptismal and death records:

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The original archives are available :
So use it, instead of GM (use only GM has an index to find the true record). 

First error, the baptisms happened the 23 september 1803
And concerns Matteo Francesco Maruzzo.

Second error, there is no death record concerning any Sultana in 1893 in Xewkija.

What is the letter on the first column of the death record (on the previous line ? C ?).
I think the X on the end of line means that he was born in Xewkija.

Error on age happen quite sometimes. The age on death record or census can help to reduce the scope of research but can't be trusted.

If he die in 1893, you can ask for state death record to have another primary source.

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