[Malte] Children of Giuseppe SOLTANA and Petronilla CAMILLERI

I am currently in another dilemma and I would like some advice on how to solve this problem.

I am currently trying to search for the children of my 5x great-grandparents Giuseppe SOLTANA and Petronilla CAMILLERI who were married on 28/01/1815 in Xaghra.

The issue is that there was another couple of the same name who got married in Xaghra in 1812, and they had children around the same time. Whenever I try to search through the baptism records of Gozo, the two families keep overlapping and I cant tell who belongs to who.

Any advice is much appreciated.


Joshua Sultana.
there is something that can help you
look at the first name of the first child, if it's a boy it's often the name of the paternal grandfather and if it's a girl it's the name of the maternal grandmother!
You should tell us more so that we can try to help you.
Georges, can you take care of it?
good day
Hi Joshua,

I am going to look into your dilemma.
Give me time.


I have reviewed the different baptisms. The two Giuseppe have got a total of 14 children.

The Guljana Masini volumes indicate for 9 out of 14 the names of the mother (CAMILLERI or GALEA)

We can take as a reasonable assumption the fact that the first children : Giuseppe born in 1813 belongs to Petronilla GALEA

The 4 remaining cannot be, at this point, be assigned to CAMILLERI or GALEA. For these 4 a solution might be to see if they got married ?

The attached document try to illustrate above situation.

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Thank you so much for all your help, I will now check to see if they got married. 

I will also maybe check death records and try to see if any of them have their mothers surname written.


Joshua Sultana.
I had an identical problem identifying my great great grandparents (2 couples with identical names married 1 year apart).

Unfortunately, my great grandmother’s birth record offered no other clues as to who her grandparents were (the only way to distinguish between the 2 identical couples). But her sister’s did. Her godparents were their paternal grandparents so I solved it this way and was able to continue.

Maybe the godparents offer clues or answers.

Good luck!

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