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Hi all, I appreciate the assistance I have received from this forum.

I have a question about a marriage record that says "The mother of the widowed wife of Annunziato" on geneanum. Below I have attached the Guljana record, where the fathers name is left blank, but appears to be where the mothers surname should? I am confused as to what this means about Grazia's parents.


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Can you specify the names and the date of the marriage ?
Your capture is very poor quality.

It's the marriage of BARTOLO Michele x ATTARD Grazia in 1883-09-01 ?

You have to found all the "records" in Guljana MASSINI. Maybe in one, it will be clearer.

Yes the marriage is between Michele BARTOLO and Grazia ATTARD. I checked each marriage individually in the Guljana but no extra information is given. Only on Geneanum does it say "La mère de l'épouse veuve d'Annunziato". I am wondering what the direct translation is in English as I can not understand French.

Grazia ATTARD's father is listed as Annunziato ATTARD and her mother as Maria no surname. on geneanum it says "La mère de l'épouse veuve d'Annunziato" under Wife parents obs.
The translation would be "The wife's mother, widow of Annunziato".
It would be in latin "olim conuigi"

So Annunziato is already dead in 1883


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