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Hi, for a while I have been confused as to one of my relative marriages. Teresa MERCIECA married Antonio MERCIECA on 05/13/1911. Eight years later, Teresa married again to Matteo SULTANA on 08/16/1919. I thought that this would have meant that her first husband passed away, however I have found a travel document belonging to him in 1917 which has details about their marriage. I was wondering if anyone can help me translate what this says.


Joshua Sultana.

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If i understand correctly, the image came from a passport.

On it :
- A baptism, the 1888-03-02 : Antonio ?Francesco? Lazario Pietro MERCIECA son of Michele and Maria CAMILLERI
- A marriage, the 1911-05-13 with Teresa MERCIECA daughter of Francesco and Grazia ATTARD

There are no other information on it.

So in 1917, Antonio travels, Teresa too ? (do you have the other pages of the passport ?)
So he can have died between 1917 and 1919, maybe in Malta, maybe elsewhere.

Teresa remarried in the same parish (Xaghra) so the priest would know that she was already married.
Unless, Antonio have died in Xaghra or Teresa provides the death certificate, she couldn't have remarried.

Maybe on the original act, the widow status is specified.

Or it's just another Teresa MERCIECA, but same parents and same parish, in the same period of time, it would be hard to have 2 Teresa.

Below is the full passport. It does not state that Theresa travelled with him to France. At first I thought maybe their marriage was annulled?

Hi, I just managed to check the marriage records, and next to Theresa's second marriage it said "i.v. Antonio Mercieca". does this mean that she was widowed?



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"i.v." ? Can you post the record ? It's original or from Masini collection ?

usually, "v." => "ved." => "vedova" => "widow"

But i don't know the "i.v."
In all case, it's the same Teresa in the two marriages.
So here are the two marriages as listed on Geneanum. I see that Antonio and Teresa were related.

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