[Malte] Angelo GRIMA & Francesca SULTANA 1923 marriage
Hello Geneanum Folks. There is a 1923 Zabbar marriage in Geneanum for Angelo Grima and Francesca Sultana. Angelo may be a relative but there is no information about his parents. Of interest the entry says Francesca's mother was Carmela Zammit. This was the name of my Angelo. Could there have been a mix up when the information was transcribed? I tried looking in the Guljana Masini records but I could not make sense of the Vol and Photo references. Thank you for any help. Theresa

Zabbar parish ? All the original records are online, redo by the Malta Study Center fews month ago ! But marriages end in 1863 !
There is a modern indexes done by the parish : https://www.vhmml.org/readingRoom/view/237019
So, on the only original record online : Angelo GRIMA x Francesca SULTANA
No parents here.

In Masini collection, we have the volume 23 containing marriages by name.
So we have the marriage two times (in G and in S) (but we only transcribe the "S") :

G :
1923-11-01 in Zabbar
Angelo GRIMA (Salvatore dead x Giuseppe VELLA)
x Francesca Giovanna Giuseppa SULTANA

S :
1923-11-01 in Zabbar
Angelo GRIMA
x Francesca Giovanna Giuseppa SULTANA (Michele x Carmela ZAMMIT)

So if we merge all of it, we obtain :
1923-11-01 in Zabbar

Angelo GRIMA (Salvatore dead x Giuseppe VELLA)
x Francesca Giovanna Giuseppa SULTANA (Michele x Carmela ZAMMIT)

In bold, info from parish and GM
In italic, info only from GM (but maybe on the original registry but we don't have it).

Personally, I don't rely too much on GM, many, many mistakes in it. Mixed up parents happen.
You can ask the parish to obtain the original act.
You can check if there are "Salvatore GRIMA x Giuseppe VELLA" and "Michele SULTANA x Carmela ZAMMIT" marriages.


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Thank you N. If the father of Angelo is Salvatore then he is not my relative. Regards. Theresa

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