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Good morning

Maybe somebody can support me. I am searching the trace of my ancestors born in Malta.

Last name: Sacco

First name: Josef

Father: Jayme

Mother: Anossa

Born in 1732

Is there any website available?

Good evening 

May Sacco be the same as Saccoman family ?

If yes, their genealogy is known - they are distant cousins to Muniglia now all in France but previously Tunisia and Malta.


Hello Denis,

I tried for a couple of hours you.

Please give us ALL the Information you got or know on Him and His family so we can help.

Maybe full date of birth.

Josef could be on the parish archives, but which one?

His where about (other suburbs he lived or got married in etc).
Hello Vincent 

The request doesn’t come from me but Jorge Roman.

He has provided what he has I think.

Je vous laisse voir avec lui.

Bonne journée 

Denis Muniglia

The información I have is the following

Date of birth March 19th (1732 or 1738)

We left Malta and went to Perú. No marriage in Malta. He got married and dead in Peru

Name of the father: Jaime (Jayme or Giacomo?): Saco Quiroga

Name of the mother: Anossa Garbil (or Garicel)

That is all the info I have.


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