[Malte] archive help please
Does anyone by any chance happen to
have any archived records of births and marriages from Valletta and Floriana
between the late 1700s and the mid 1800s?

Digivault doesn't seem to be working and I have had trouble reading the
records at maltadiocese.org

I am looking for births and the marriage of my 4x Great Grandparents Francesco
Xerri & Maria Saliba who I believe to have been born in the late 1700s or
early 1800s and married before 1833 when their first child was born.

Any help or advice you could give me
would be gratefully appreciated.

Kind regards...David Lambert
Voilà le mariage

1831 1831-01-30 SCERRI = XERRI Francesco Giuseppe BADANO Maria SALIBA Maria Giuseppe TANTI Gaetana Attention sur le registre dit BADANO, et elle XERRI, s'est faux, c'est lui SCERRI et elle BADANO (Maria Agatha Vincenza Teresa née le 3 février 1801 à Saint Paul Valletta) recherche effectuée par JM par rapport aux enfants nés de ce couple Valletta St Paul Le Naufragé Registre de l'église 2018-01 4624 74
Thanks for the information Christine, but I am a little confused. Does it mean that Maria Saliba married to Badanno before she married Francesco Scerri?

Kind regards ... David Lambert

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