[Malte] Archives Nationales de Malte
Bonjour, suite à un contact avec les Archives Nationales de Malte voici le retour :

'I search the archives of the French ship the Saint Laurent accident on 05/02/1917 at Marsalokk'Chris

'Dear Chris,

With reference to your e-mail hereunder, kindly be informed that Police occurrences contain day-to-day reports from the Police Commissioner. On the other hand, Magistrate books are more elaborate since they contain Magistrate reports on accidents, licences, inquiries etc, but are not related to local press.

Please note that if you are not able to visit the archives to do the research, we will have to carry the research on your behalf against payment of € 18 hourly rate. Kindly be informed that even though we will do our best to help our clients, results are not always guaranteed.

Kindly inform us if we will carry research on your behalf.'

Quelqu'un du groupe a t-il déjà consulté de tels registres aux Archives de Malte?

Meilleures salutations.


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