[Malte] Re : In search of Rosa Angelo Chetcuti

where did the parents got married ?

usually it is written on their marriage certificate where they are from ?

Thanks Josyanne for the pointer. I went back to geneanum database and was able to locate the marriage record of her parents. Turns out they belong to the Zurrieq parish. I located the marriage certificate in the Malta archdiocese online archive together with the baptism certificate of Rosa.

I have 2 more questions if you can kindly help answer1- where are the actual notary records stored

2- where can I find an index of passports prior to the period compiled by Mr. Mark? Will the national archive respond to a request without exact dates of passport issuance? Their website indicates that they do not do research based on inquiries.

Thanks again. You've been a great help.

1/ for the notarial acts indicated in our site .......I have them in photos

the originals ones are based in Valletta, you can ask them if you are in Malta and may be ??? ask by mail -

2/ I have some more passports found int the Minnesota university for Malta Studies and sent to me

it is a huge file ... but I need a date ?

as for the passports I think they are now on line -cant remember which site but i will have a look -it was announced a few weeks ago on the web

For the passport time frame, I have bill of health list that indicates Rosa Chetcuti GARRANA travelling to Beyrouth on Sept. 12, 1846 together with her daughter Carmela, preceded by her husband Clemente GARRANA who left to Beyrouth via Smyrna on June 26, 1840.
You will not find more details - I have 7 bills of health for my Grazia MASSA going to tripoli with her children,

but no more détails

BUT !!! if you go to Malta, you will be able to search through the list of passengers as you have the date it will be easier to find

it is in Notabile San spirito ,


Clemente GARRANA appears in the file 064.png on the 26, 1840.

I didn't found Rosa Chetcuti GARRANA travelling to Beyrouth on Sept. 12, 1846

Hi Nicolas,Are you referring to the image of the bill of health ? If so, then I have both of Clemente and Rosa, but I need to obtain official documents besides BMD records, that's why I'm searching for the passports or even passport applications.
This images :
I'm unable to view the image, can you please. email it to lgarrana(at)hotmail.com

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