[Malte] Vittoriosa Manuscript 1802 - marriage file
Hello could you please advise if anyone has the full Manuscript for Vittoriosa 1802 an onwards marriage file. Does anyone know where I am able to get/purchase this copy. I have tried the church but they do not respond. Thank you


Hello Josyanne this is wonderful

I would love all you have as most of my family
appear to come from this area but I have come to a complete stop. How am I able
to get a copy?

PS I am able in exchange supply the whole manifest for the Manuscript Liber Matrimoniorum, vol. IV, 1746-1801 period
if you are interested in this file. I purchased this from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Libary
you did not tell me what exactly you need ?

Hi I am after the marriage manuscript for Vittoriosa 1802 and onwards. Thank you

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