[Malte] 2 Apr - Who Do You Think You Are? ADAM HILLS
Hi All,
After months of waiting in suspense I can now reveal the name of the TV personality with a Maltese connection.
He is ADAM HILLS, the stand-up comedian and host of the ABC show Spicks & Specks. Adam is married to Opera Soprano Ali McGregor and his episode is going to headline the Series (it was SBS's favourite)on the 2 APRIL 2013 at 7.30pm on SBS ONE (see attached banner).

Adam's ancestors arrived in Sydney from Malta just over a hundred years ago in 1912.
The family has been in Malta for a long time (about 1320)and the name appears in the 1419 Militia List 11 times and the 1480 Angara List 22 times - You can do your homework and find out the name of the family or wait 2 weeks!!
The family's nickname is connected to the building from where they worked. The knights erected quite a few of these buildings to provide the staple diet of the inhabitants. These buildings had 'Sails' and needed wind-power to work. Talking about spoon-feeding ....... No prizes for correct answers!
Please tell your friends about the program and any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully we can round-up another 'Maltese' for Series 6.

Godfrey Sultana godfrey_sultana(at)yahoo.com

Researcher / Consultant for the Adam Hills Episode
on behalf of Artemis Films, Perth WA

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