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Good Morning,

Sometimes one finds the following titles/abbreviations together with the name of certain persons.

- Chco

- Mro

- Cho

- Mco

Does anybody knows the exact meaning please?

With thanks

Dear Tony,
Mro is short for Maestro
Cho or Chco is short for Chierico (cleric - i.e. a man who is still preparing for the priesthood but has not taken his final vows)

Mco ????
David Mallia
Mco could be Mgo = Magister ?josyanne
Chers amis,

plusieurs fois le sens d'une abréviation dépend

du contexte (et de la langue!). Quoi qu'il en

soit, si les abréviations soumises par Tony sont

en italien, je suis d'accord sur:

- Chco ou Cho = chierico (clerc, prêtre dans les ordres mineurs)

- Mro = maestro ou mastro (maître, d’école ou d’art)

et, à mon avis:

- Mco = monaco (moine), mais aussi maniscalco (maréchal-ferrant)...

Dear Friends,

many times the meaning of an abbreviation depends

on the context (and on the language!). Anyway if

the abbreviations posted by Tony are in Italian, I agree about:

- Chco or Cho = chierico (cleric, priest in minor orders)

- Mro = maestro or maestro (teacher or master)

and, in my opinion:

- Mco = monaco (monk)but also maniscalco (farrier)…


Hello all,

Thank you all for your kind contribution. Quite informative.

Following on the contribution by Guido Buldrini(see below)I have one observation to make re the 'Mro' abbreviation.

In Maltese we still use today the word 'Mastru' for somebody who is a master craftsman or an expert in a trade. So that may explain the relatively large number of 'Mro' in the database (ie not all Mro are musicians as I originally thought!).


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