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First, I would like to apologize for writing in English, but regrettably I do not know French.

I found www.geneanum.com an extremely useful site and would like to congratulate those involved in creating it and making it available to the public. Very well done indeed!

It has enabled to fill in some gaps in my family tree and opened up some new areas. It has also raised some questions about data I had. So, is it possible to receive a copy of the original document from which the data in www.geneanum.com was translated/transcribed? Or maybe somebody can shed some light?

The three main problems I have are the following marriages:

(a)4 Aug 1718, Natale Zahra married Maddalena Ciantar (Mdina). The father of Natale is listed as Pietro. The information I had indicates he was Andrea Zahra.

(b)7 Aug 1662, Natale Zahra married Caterina Xicluna (Valletta). The information I had indicated Paola Buttigieg not Caterina Xicluna.

(c)20 Apr 1638, Gaetano Zahra married Paola Imbroll (Gudja). The information I had indicted Lazzaro Zahra married Paola Imbroll on that date.

With thanks,

Tony Zahra
Hello Tony

I will get the 3 acts for you

and will send them to your private adress this day

Hello, Thank you so much for the copies of the Zahra marriage details and especially for the copy of Will (testamento)as per web site of Cosma(?)Zahra dated 1658(?). I have only now managed to have a good look at the Will details.

As suspected some details entered in the web site on this Will are not correct.

(a)The name should be Cosmo (not Cosma)and (b)the Will date should be 1638 not 1658. This may or may not be critical, but it certainly is for me to enable me to 'join the dots' as they say!

For those interested:

(a)The correct name (Cosmo)can be confirmed by the details given of his sons and wives in the Will (and then their corresponding marriage details which indicate Cosmo or Gusmano)


(b)The correct date is 1638 not 1658 and can be confirmed from (i)the marriage details of his sons where he is indicted as being deceased in 1645/1646 and (ii)from the actual copy of the document, which admittedly is not very clear on the '3' or '5' number, but, on examing the entries before and after I feel certain that it is 1638. This also means that the data on the page (ie the data before the Cosmo Zahra Will entry)as regards the other Marriages/Wills is entered incorrectly in the web site (ie as to the date).

You may wish to amend the web site accordingly.

Should anyone want more details or info on this (or on the Zahra line in Malta!)I would be very pleased to help.

Let me again say how delighted I am to have found this web site. It has enabled me to make significant strides in the family tree which would have been impossible otherwise. It is a very great idea and those behind it deserve a lot of praise. Very well doen indeed!

Should I be able to help anyone in any way please do let me know (unfortunately I do not speak French, but I am sure we can manage somehow!).

Tony Zahra

I will correct as you suggested and point out that the remarks were made by a descendant T.Z. 2012

I will be in Malta on the 2nd of may


qqs corrections à faire sur les notaires ZAHRA
je corrige quoi juste la date 1638 au lieu de 1658
Hello Tony

Have you come across an Evangelista Zahra? She is shown as the wife of Benigno Aquilina and mother of Catarina Aquilina (who married Andrea Buttigieg 1806 Cospicua). I haven't found Evangelista's marriage to Benigno.


1805-10-07 AQUILINA Giuseppe Benigno dcd SAMMUT Evangelista MAMO Liberata Michele dcd ABELA Anna Maria veuve 1°)de Giuseppe ZAMMIT + fils de Domenico + et Antonia ZAMMIT X EN 1792- 2°)veuve d'Antonio MERCIECA + fils de Mario + et Teresa BONNANO X EN 1796 Cospicua

have you noticed that mariage in 1805 cospicua

evangelista is said to be née SAMMUT ?? she could have remaried with a ZAHRA

what do you think ?

Yes I did notice this and hoped someone else might have more information.


Sorry for late reply.

Unfortunately I do not have that Evangelista Zahra in my Zahra family tree. But I see that you have had a good reply from Josyanne! Good luck!


Cosmo Zahra is my 9th Great Grand Father! Thank you for your help.

I see you are in Malta on 2nd May. I do not know what your program is, but if you have time I would like to introduce myself and thank you for your help. Contact me on my private email if you you so wish.


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