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Hello, I am new to the list and could really use some help with a location. I am researching the families of Nicola Pisani and Maria Chapoutier or Charpentier, who married some time before 1834. Maria Chapoutier/Charpentier's Maltese death record lists her place of birth as Le Maittre, France; but I can find no such place. Does anybody have any idea where this might be? Family tradition has it that she was born in Montlimar and met Nicola when she went to Marseilles, but I can find no record of her in either place.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Bonjour Darcy

I have no idea where it could be !!!

did thy whent back to Malta or stayed in France

si qq un peut aider Darcy pour trouver ou est 'le Maitre ' près de montélimar ?

meriçi d avance

Hi Darcy
If you just google/earth Le Maitre (with 1 't'), there are 6 possible locations.
Hope it helps.
Serge H Borg
Hello Darcy !
I look at town and villages of Drôme, but I don't
found Le Maittre. Only La Mastra (now LAMASTRE in Ardèche). I must go to the
departemental Public records, but I cann't know her birthday year.
Or else, I shall look for between 1800 and

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