[Malte] Confusing Marriage Record

After the update to the records in Zebbug. I recorded the marriage record of Angelo Sammut and Maria Cuschieri (1802-07-24), It stated Angelo was from Lija. The record stated Angelo's parents as Salvatore Sammut and Maria Zarb, then Maria's parents as Andrea Cuschieri and Maria Pulis. I managed to trace the Sammut/Zarb records back pretty far and the names following Angelo and Maria's ancestors made sense to my known tree however I wasn't able to trace the Cuschieri/Pulis side at all. However the record has changed or updated since then and lists Angelo's and Maria's Mothers as something different.

In the updated record, Angelo and Maria's fathers remain the same but the Angelo's mother is now Maria Pulis not Zarb. Maria Cuschieri's Mother is now Rosa Pulis not Maria Pulis. I can now trace the Cuschieri/Pulis side far but as I search for the Salvatore Sammut and Maria Pulis nothing shows up, I also tried to search for Salvatore Sammut and Maria Zarb again like before but this time nothing shows up. I am a bit confused because the original record made sense in accordance to Angelo's ancestors but the updated one doesn't show any of his but shows Maria Cuschieri's. I don't know for certain who their Mother's were either

I also cannot find Marriage records from Zebbug on the maltaparisharchives for the time period

It is a bit confusing to explain but I have attached images below of the original record and then the updated one.

Thank you so much.

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